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So, what's your favourite drug?


LSD for sure.
No addiction, all the high.
It can be pretty dangerous though if you're in an unstable state of mind.




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Perfect drug for an incel


File: 1566694521137.png (50.62 KB, 154x154)

megumin is the perfect drug for an incel


Depends for what effect and for what reasons. In general though, i'll be stuck between alc and H




File: 1566830367496.png (318.28 KB, 374x661)

My nigga. I thought about starting WoW Classic again since with the money I spend to be 1 week on Heroin I could play WoW for 3 months…

But there is nothing better than doing H in the morning and starting the day like a god.


is it over


Anime pussy

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