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I have been up for a long ass time, pee pee poo poo, i'm fucking tired, ffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffff
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Fuark,just looked at the description below /i/ - Insomnia.
It literally is 3 am and I can't sleep.How do I fix a bad sleeping habit boyos?
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Your parents blue pill you when they realize you have no potential at being a normal person and are afraid you might go ER and kill them
your friends bluepill you because they are afraid you might go ER
random strangers at places you go to often bluepill you because they are afraid to go ER
anyone that knows you well enough and realizes that you have no potential will bluepill you so you don't go ER
only way to know the truth is to ask a random, no inhib stranger
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Classic WoW EUcels roll on Firemaw
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Never fucking began
It’s so fucking over
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When a bitch text you, come over
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first for i find it hard to sleep at night without doing drugs during the day gang